Vorwerk Kobold VR200 Vacuum robot product test

As we are now introducing the Vorwerk Kobold products to our range at Homesuits, we took advantage of this opportunity to test the Vorwerk Kobold VR200 vacuum robot. In the following we show you the functions and show you what the vacuum robot can do.

1. Design

The Kobold VR200 is very well made. The vacuum robot including charging station really make something. Therefore, you can place the vacuum cleaner without thanking the living room on the floor without this bothers or looks bad.

2. Use it for the first time: plug’n’play

After unpacking and setting up, we first had to fully load the vacuum cleaner. The battery is not charged and charging takes 90 minutes. Then we set up the WLAN function (2.4 GHz). That was possible without any problems via the iOS app and has c.a. Lasted 3 minutes. After successful connection with the WLAN router, the vacuum robot could now start its first cleaning process. He took 90 minutes and cleaned the almost 70 m2 apartment including bathroom, kitchen, living area, bedroom and office in a suction process.

During the cleaning process we watched him again and again. The Vacuum robot cleaned not only on (flat) carpets and under the toilet bowl (because the imp is only 9 cm high) but also between the chairs and thus under the table. We were very surprised by the good result.

The vacuum robot does not clean on the principle of chaos, but with system. He does not clean in one and the same place several times (unless he feels his way into a narrow area where he can only drive back to get ahead). Also, the Vacuum is quite quiet. At least the cat has not let on of the Vacuum robot, but has looked curious. If necessary, the vacuum cleaner can be switched to ECO mode, then the vacuum cleaner is a little quieter and the battery lasts longer.

Only with a slightly thicker carpet in the bedroom he had problems and almost did not come across the carpet. In the living room, the VR200 has cleaned the carpet without grumbling.

All in all, a very satisfactory result and a very good alternative especially for the daily house cleaning.

3. Care and maintenance

Also after using Vorwerk thought along. The dust container can be emptied dust-proof. For this purpose, only the flap of the vacuum robot must be opened and a “normal” vacuum cleaner to be held to the opening. The entire contents are cleaned off and the vacuum robot is ready for the next suction tour.

We recommend emptying the dust container after 3 suction cycles at the latest, as the robotic vacuum cleaner from Vorwerk then absorbs some of the dirt. We were very surprised!

It is advisable to also free the integrated dust filter every 2 weeks, because too much dirt can affect the suction power.

The care and maintenance of the Vorwerk Kobold VR200 vacuum robot is therefore very entertaining and quickly done.

4. Alexa integrity of the vacuum robot

The best feature on the vacuum cleaner – we think – is the integration in Alexa. Using the language assistant, the vacuum robot can be started or stopped or the current status (battery, suction mode, etc.) of the robot can be queried. For our Smart Home therefore a seamless integrity.

5. Conclusion

All in all, the Vorwerk Kobold VR200 vacuum robot is a real asset in the home. He does the thorough cleaning of the soil reliably and if necessary on a fixed schedule (for example Mon – Fri from 10.30 clock). With the supplied remote control or the app on the smartphone, the Vacuum robot can be additionally started, stopped or even steered.

In the case of occasional soiling, Vorwerk’s robotic vacuum cleaner in spot mode can clean a radius of just under 2 m2 without having to clean the rest of the flat. This is especially useful if you want to clean the table or the litter box just before the visit.

The Kobold robotic VR200 from Vorwerk gets a clear buy recommendation from us. The Saugorobter is only available directly from Vorwerk, the EIA is just under 750 EUR and you get a really good and mature product.

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