The 5 Best Smart Home Summer Gadgets

Summer is the hottest and therefore the most beautiful time of the year: So here are the 5 best categories of Smart Home summer gadgets you should not miss. We will take you with you and show you Smart Home Watering, Smart Home Air Conditioning, Smart Home Fans, Smart Home Humidifiers, Smart Home Outdoor Lighting and Sensors for Patios and Garden.

Smart Home Watering

Who does not know: After working in the evening, water the garden, the flowers on the balcony or the front yard. That’s enough of that. With Smart Home Irrigation, not only can you save time, but you can automatically add water to the plants at the right time. In combination with a micro-drip system, you can quickly set up an intelligent and efficient irrigation system and control it automatically or via the app.

If you want to water your lawn this is of course possible.

Smart Home Air Conditioning

Cooling complacent? With the aid of a smart home air-conditioning system, the air-conditioning can be triggered automatically either by a timer or in conjunction with a thermostat when a certain temperature is exceeded. Whether you are at home or come home in the evening, your house will automatically cool down.

Smart Home Fans

If you do not have a Smart Home air conditioner, you may be able to cool off with a Smart Home fan? Connected to a thermostat, this can turn on automatically as soon as a certain temperature is exceeded.

Smart Home Humidifier

When it gets hot, a humidifier ensures a pleasant indoor climate. In combination with a humidity sensor, it can also be started automatically as soon as the humidity rises above a certain level.

Smart Home outdoor lighting and sensors for terraces and gardens

Even the garden or driveway can be made smart with the help of a smart home. Whether smart home motion detectors, smart home weather stations or smart home outdoor lighting: There are matching gadgets for every application.

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